Department of Management Science

I take this opportunity to welcome you to the Department of Management Science housed at the School of Business and Economics.  The department currently houses Diploma in Purchasing supplies management, Bachelor of Procurement and supply chain management and Bachelor of Project Management. The department has the responsibility for Quantitative and units in Bachelor Of Commerce(BCOM) the area of Operations Management.    The department is in the  process of launching Master of Science in Supply Chain Management (MSc- supply Chain management) in January 2016.   In the department there are about Five hundred (500) students taking Bachelor of procurement and Supply Chain Management and Diploma in  Purchasing and Supplies Management . The Department has graduated a class in the area of operations management, two classes in the area of Supply chain management and two groups of students with Diploma in Supplies Management. The number of students in the department has grown gradually from 25 students  in 2011 to about 500 students in 2015.   We welcome you to South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) and specifically to the Department of Management Science.

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